St. Joseph’s Health Centre – Learning Centre

Project Name

St. Joseph’s Health Centre – Learning Centre


Unity Health Toronto – St. Joseph’s Health Centre Toronto

Prime Consultant

Gow Hastings Architects


St. Joseph’s Health Centre in association with the University of Toronto continues to be a leading teaching hospital that assists in developing the future’s physicians and health care providers. To this end, St. Joseph’s Health Centre is undergoing a 3,800sf renovation to create a new Learning Centre that will further improve the inter-professional, collaborative learning environment for thousands of students that train at the hospital annually.

The renovated space will be a multi-function auditorium and learning centre and will serve as the primary space for inter-professional education for larger and small groups in the hospital. The extent of the work involves selective demolition architectural features as well as mechanical and electrical systems within the space. The new work involves the creation of two auditoriums that are divided by an operable partition that will allow for these two spaces to be combined for larger groups. In addition, there will be another smaller learning space, a meeting room and a quiet study area. The scope of work will also include modifications to the mechanical systems, new updated lighting and audio visual systems.

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