Tender Documents

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T19026 Ryerson University – YDI 10th Floor Renovation20190313111021
T19025 City of Toronto – Allan Gardens Conservatory Renovation & Expansion20190311153628
T19024 TDSB – CAT Renovations Phase 2 at Orde Street PS20190311153120
T19020 Town of Milton – Halton Paramedic Services Station No. 17 & Milton Fire Station No. 520190311152804
T19019 City of Toronto – Centennial Park Stadium20190311152211
T19023 TDSB – FDK Retrofit at Ledbury Park EMS & Muirhead PS20190311151846
T19022 City of Toronto – Bldg. Envelope Repairs, Roofing and Concrete Repairs at Northwood Community Centre20190311151304
T19021 TDSB – Runnymede CI – Mountview Alternative Relocation20190311150958
T19018 TDSB – Barrier Free Upgrade at Charles G. Fraser JPS20190311150340
T19015 TDSB – Reopening School at Castlebar PS20190220163200
T19013 City of Toronto – Rooftop Glazing Replacement, Exterior Window Replacement and Rehabilitation at Disco Rd. Transfer Station20190213115507
T19011 UTM – Modular Office Building20190207161500

T19011 UTM – Modular Office Building

Closing March 27, 2019 @ 2:00 PM
T19001 TTC – McBrien Building Boardroom Modernization & ACC. Renovation20181206131732
T19002 City of Toronto – New Fire Station 14420181206130535

T19002 City of Toronto – New Fire Station 144

Closing January 15, 2019 @ 12:00 PM
T18074 U of Guelph – Building #046 Renovation20181121165636