Tender Documents

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T19065 City of Toronto – Phase 2 Renovation in Existing Women’s Shelter at 348 Davenport Road20190822134728
T19064 HSC – Mainstay Housing Office Renovation20190813152842
T19063 City of Toronto – North York Civic Centre Boardrooms Upgrade20190813152332
T19062 City of Toronto – 4117 Lawrence Avenue East Shelter Renovation20190813151357
T19061 York Region – Construction of Paramedic Response Station No.2920190813125455
T19058 City of Brantford – Fairview Fire Station No. 220190808111909
T19060 York Region – Renovation of Three Bridge Areas at Administrative Centre20190806154526
T19055 City of Toronto – The Renovation of a Seniors Shelter at 2671 Islington Ave.20190719112222
T19052 City of Toronto – Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Administration Building Upgrades20190710105150
T19050 Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences – New Powerhouse20190702094129
T19044 PRHC – MRI Relocation and Tower Project20190606114633