Current Projects

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21-03 Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences – B2 Roof Replacement20210429093728
21-02 City of Toronto – Kipling Acres Office Renovation20201215133320
21-01 York Region – Interior Renovation – 3rd Floor, Block A, B and D at Administrative Centre20201123150332
20-01 York Region – Construction of Paramedic Response Station No. 2920200129163146
20-02 City of Toronto – Mount Dennis Childcare Centre20200127172444
19-08 Peel Region – Major Renovation at Two Peel Regional Police Sites20191101165508
19-05 TTC – Sheppard Station Managers Office and Zone Hub20190912093849
19-06 City of Toronto – The Renovation of a Seniors Shelter at 2671 Islington Ave.20190719112222
19-02 U of Guelph – Building #046 Renovation20181121165636