The following documents are a mandatory requirement from each subcontractor and any of its sub-subcontractors.

Section B: Subcontractor’s Site Documents

When entering MJ Dixon projects, ALL subcontractors are to report to MJ Dixon’s Project Site Office before entering the work site. The following documents will be required to be submitted:

Site Orientation:

B0.      Site Orientation

Site Orientation Acknowledgement

Required Daily:

B1.       COVID-19 Form

B2.       Pre-Job Hazard Assessment submitted within one hour of crew arrival

Daily Equipment Inspections (as applicable):

B3.       Boom Lift Daily Inspection

B4.       Excavator Daily Inspection

B5.       Fall Protection Daily Inspection

B6.       Forklift Daily Inspection

B7.       Gantry Daily Inspection

B8.       End of Day Material Securement Daily Inspection

B9.      Scaffold Daily Inspection

B10.       Scissor Lift Daily Inspection

B11.      Skidsteer Daily Inspection

B12.      Tripod Daily Inspection

B13.      Welding Equipment Daily Inspection

Required Weekly:

B14.       Tool Box Talk Form

——––   IHSA Tool Box Safety Talks Reference Guide

Worker Documentation:

B15.      Certificate of Qualifications/Proof of Training (to be carried on person at all times)

B16.      WHMIS 2015 Training

B17.      Working at Heights Training

B18.      MOL Worker Awareness Training

B19.      MOL Supervisor Awareness Training for Site Foreman

B20.     Workplace Harassment & Violence Awareness

B21.      Trade or Task Specific Training

B22.     First Aid (one Certified First Aid Person per crew at minimum as well as First Aid Kit appropriate for crew size)

B23.     Safe Work Procedures (Fall Protection, Rescue, LO/TO, Traffic Control, etc.)

B24.     Engineering for Safety Equipment (Life Lines, Scaffolds, Temporary Anchors, etc.)

Site Orientations will be held by appointment only. Contact the Project Superintendent at least 24 hours in advance to reserve. All workers must receive site orientation prior to commencing work on site.

As Required:

B25.     MOL reports (to be submitted on day of issue)

B26.     Government issued notices, permits, etc.

B27.     Site Permits (Hot Works, Lockout, Compressed Gas, etc.)

B28.     Disciplinary/Corrective Action Report Form

B29.     Accident/Incident/near Miss/First Aid Reports (within 24 hours of the event)