Ontario Association of Architects Headquarters

Project Name

Ontario Association of Architects Headquarters – Retrofit and Refresh


Ontario Association of Architects

Prime Consultant

David Fujiwara Architect


This renovation project for the Ontario Association of Architects Headquarters (OAA) consists of 22,300 square feet. Work includes interior alterations, exterior improvements, replacement of major components of the existing HVAC system and addition of new HVAC components. This renovation project will improve occupant comfort and indoor air quality while transforming the interior office layout and meet the goal of the 2030 Challenge by heating and cooling the building without burning carbon.

The building will produce enough electricity and heat from solar PV and thermal panels and underground heat to achieve net-zero energy on an annual basis.

This important project and the aim of the OAA to lead change to meet the 2030 Challenge was featured in the July 25, 2018 issue of the Daily Commercial News.

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