Mountain Equipment Co-op

Project Name

Mountain Equipment Co-op


Mountain Equipment Co-op

Prime Consultant

Kohn McQuire Vogt Architects


This project involved the construction of the Mountain Equipment Co-op’s mew 82,000sf, two-storey free standing retail store and administrative space for Canada’s leading not-for-profit supplier of outdoor recreational equipment and clothing.

The masonry and stone exterior of the building is complimented by precast concrete features, reclaimed timber, pre-finished metal cladding and rolling steel doors to conceal loading bays. Retail space features exposed architectural reinforced concrete, natural lighting from a large central atrium and extensive use of reclaimed timber that was milled specifically for the project to avoid cutting of virgin forest growth.

This project also included the installation of a computer controlled building automation system incorporating natural ventilation. Improved insulation provided by the mountain meadow garden system which covers a large portion of the flat roof was designed to reduce the energy consumption of the facility.

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